Distinct Difference


David Taylor, Broker

The Distinct Difference is about serving with value to create results for your benefit… to fulfill your goals, meet your desired returns and devise long-term strategy. For investors, developers and family offices, Distinct leaves no detail untouched with their needs creating a unique blueprint for every effort undertaken on their behalf. Distinct is entrepreneurial. Distinct is boutique. Distinct is driven by results.



18 yrs in CRE. 5 yrs in luxury residential. 



Faith. Family. Friends. Vision.  Fun.



Serve. Encourage. Inspire. Lead. Influence. Grow.



ROI. Results.  Change. Value. Engagement.

Our Process

The finances and aesthetics of real estate must be matched with decisions that result in value. We work strategically in favor of your outcome and positive ROI.

Our Passion

Serving is what we do. Real estate is our lead platform for lifting people and organizations up as their stories unfold in real spaces to do life and business.

Your Partner

We walk your journey and invest in the plans you’ve made and dreamed of for years. Together, we reach your goals and fulfill your desires.


Completely Personalized

Concierge is our mode of operation. We represent you the family office, owner, buyer, seller, investor or developer. It’s a unique and entrepreneurial approach to all things real estate. If a detail matters to you, it matters to us. Your success and results matter to us.